Mike Warnke – Still Alive




  1. Jane Myer

    I love all your stories. They are truly a challenge to me!

  2. Michelle Williams (verified owner)

    I loved it. Mike Warnke is still laugh out loud funny. I love the ministry and the madness. I’m moved by the word that went forth and still overwhelmed by a spirit of laughter on me that lingers after he said good night. So the DVD is over and I’m all tingly and giggly. Thank God for giving us a sense of humor and sending Mike Warnke to remind us how yo laugh and praise the Loed at the same time. Astounding. Five Stars!!

  3. Carolyn Morehouse

    Dear Brother Mike, I love your video, Do you hear me. It was so real. What I loved the most is you are one of the few Christians my husband would listen to. Amazing down to earth material. I love that you keep it real. Thank you so much for being transparent!

  4. stewart mcleod

    at the start of my walk with god I had no idea religeon could be as hilarious as brother mike shows us it , not only can be, but in fact it actually is.! bless you mike for helping me to look at my lifetime with Christ with a totally different view-now its much more comical to follow the lords teachings through laughter.
    bless you and your ministry.

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