Mike Warnke – Still Alive


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  1. Jane Myer

    I love all your stories. They are truly a challenge to me!

  2. Michelle Williams (verified owner)

    I loved it. Mike Warnke is still laugh out loud funny. I love the ministry and the madness. I’m moved by the word that went forth and still overwhelmed by a spirit of laughter on me that lingers after he said good night. So the DVD is over and I’m all tingly and giggly. Thank God for giving us a sense of humor and sending Mike Warnke to remind us how yo laugh and praise the Loed at the same time. Astounding. Five Stars!!

  3. Carolyn Morehouse

    Dear Brother Mike, I love your video, Do you hear me. It was so real. What I loved the most is you are one of the few Christians my husband would listen to. Amazing down to earth material. I love that you keep it real. Thank you so much for being transparent!

  4. stewart mcleod

    at the start of my walk with god I had no idea religeon could be as hilarious as brother mike shows us it , not only can be, but in fact it actually is.! bless you mike for helping me to look at my lifetime with Christ with a totally different view-now its much more comical to follow the lords teachings through laughter.
    bless you and your ministry.

  5. Keith &Eveyn Fortin

    Mike I met you at Caronport high school you spoke at Youth Quake in the gymnasium very much your testimony from New York to boot camp to knowing Jesus as your personnel Saviour it was a sermon I have not forgotten anyway your name popped out of my mind today and my wife and I searched you up and we found this tonight if you can message me back I have something I need to ask you please contact us at 204-307-8055 in the Province of Manitoba Canada

  6. Evonne

    I just want to say that I think you could be used by Jesus to help the school shooting situation. Your gifts that God has given are never taken away. God bless your ministry, one soul at a time.

  7. Mj

    Mike Warnke’s story’s were always poignant. It never mattered to me if the were true or not. They made sense like Aesop fables, Parables as in the Bible.
    I always learned something.
    I cried & I laughed.
    Mike Warnke is a master story teller.

  8. Monty Smith

    I be always loved Mike. Thank you for not giving up. You are as funny and anointed as ever.

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