Our focus is on Jesus and the deep things of the Spirit. We believe in the river of God and we wish to see all of God’s children nourished by its water.

Ezekiel the prophet saw in a vision a river that ran from the altar of God, under the threshold of the temple from the south side. he was led to investigate this river. He found that the further he went, the deeper and wider the river became. The banks of the river were lined with living things. The waters, themselves, teamed with life (Ezekiel 47:1-9). The key to our vision is best stated in very 9b of chapter 47 of the book that Ezekiel the priest wrote:

So where the river flows everything will live. (Ezek. 47:9b)

We are about life, the life that Jesus brings. We pray to see the lost saved through faith in the Christ. We pray to see His church (the whole body of Christ) strengthen, renewed and revived. We pray to see those of His children that have fallen by the wayside wounded in His service or overcome by the rigors of life restored to a right and blessed relationship with Him through his grace and mercy. We pray to see unity among those that love Him, regardless of denominational affiliation or cultural predisposition.

We believe that the Lord has given us others to relate to who share our vision and calling. Together, as He leads and strengthens, we will take His love “to the uttermost parts of the earth” by loving those He sends to us. We believe in taking the Gospel to the world rather than waiting for the world to come to us.

We believe that soon He will return in gory. We believe that He is coming for a church (people) “without spot or wrinkle” — a people washed in His blood, cleansed of their sin and set free by His love. We pray that, we He comes, He will find us occupied with His work.

Please pray that we will remain faithful to our vision and purpose and that we never “grow weary in well doing.”

Thank you and may God bless you.

Mike Warnke