Mike Warnke is what I consider to be, one of the most pertinent an effective voices in the kingdom of God today. Having experience the good, the bad, and the ugly in the church, he is uniquely qualified as a relevant and prophetic voice to the House of God. The combined ingredients of his hunger for God, his humor, honesty, and humility make Mike indispensable to the body of Christ. I'm honored to call him my friend and grateful for the contribution he has made into the life of our local church.

Scott Abke, Senior PastorSprings of Life Fellowship, Sunnyvale, CA

From the moment I met Mike and Susan Warnke, I knew I was in the presence of two of the most kind, generous, faithful, humble and anointed servants of God you could meet. Whenever they have visited our churches here in the UK, they have always edified the churches and left them with a deposit of His grace that they did not have before.

Wynne Goss, Senior PastorThe Vine Christian Centre, Bridgend, Wales

I have watched as Mike and Susan have followed the Lord Jesus Christ with great integrity and open accountability to faithfully respond to the renewed calling and anointing God has poured out upon them. 'He doth all things well' was said of our Savior when He was here on Earth. The same is true yesterday, today, and forever. The worldwide spiritual impact and kingdom fruit our Lord has accomplished through the Warnke's is eloquent evidence of this ongoing reality.

Archbishop Wayne BoosahdaThe Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches

Having enjoyed Mike and Susan's ministry in our churches on a number of occasions we can say we really appreciate their ministry and have found them to be warm-hearted people that show an integrity and openness. They are sensitive to the Holy Spirit as well as being 'down-to-earth' and have that rare gift of being able to relate to all kinds of people with disarming humour and friendliness.

Derek BrownThe King's Churches, Aldershot, England