Since Mike’s conversion to Christianity in 1966, he has authored four books and has recorded 15 live concert appearances and teaching tapes which include three DVDs.

Mike uses his unique comedic style to gain the attention of his listeners. His painful past history as a satanist high priest, hippie, drug addict, pusher, and Naval hospital corpsman attached to a Marine Corps unity in Vietnam has taught him compassion beyond compare. He knows, first hand, no one is too tainted for Jesus. The divers facets of his styles, coupled with his open vulnerable nature draws out and ministers to people bot inand outside of the Chrisitan community. He is a speaker, teach, father, grandfather, husband weird radical, fun-loving, yet deadly serious minister who will deliver a powerful message to enlighten other to the eternal love of Jesus Christ.

Although Susan was raised with Christian values, she did not grow up in a Christian home or go to church. Her youth taught her to be self-sufficient and her main ambition, when she began to work, became one of climbing the corporate ladder of success in the banking and real estate lending industries. For years, she made become a trader on Wall Street the ultimate goal for her life. “I was certain that I would find happiness and fulfillment there,” she says sheepishly.

After 20 years of striving and seeking satisfaction in the business world, several failed “love relationships” and singly raising her two daughters, Susan came to a place of admitting to herself that her life was unfulfilled and a mess. Nearly everything she tried to do failed. In her desperation, she cried out to God. He answered her in what seemed to be an audible voice. “You’ve heard it all before.” While searching to find out exactly what He meant. God guided her to a church that taught her the truth about God’s love and the fulfilling personal relationship that can be found with Him. Since 1988, Susan has been on a journey to develop this love relationship into all that God intended it to be.

According to Mike, “My wife has a burning passion to spread the unconditional healing love of God and the desires to see the Body of Jesus Christ arise, rid themselves of all that is keeping them from yielding tot he Beloved, and take their appointed place int eh Army of God.” God is waiting for it, His family on earth needs it, our families need it but sadly, the next generation will be completely lost without it.

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Mike and Susan have been happily married since 1991 and between them have seven children, fifteen wonderful grandchildren and one great grandchild. In 2009 they experienced the passing of one of their sons; a mountain they never expected to have to climb. Their remaining children are scattered all over the country between Alabama and California. They cherish visiting each of them whenever the opportunity arises. The Warnkes now live in California.

God has developed ministry in both Mike and Susan. Along with the doors that God has opened for Mike to minster around the world, He has also given Susan an ever increasing number of opportunities to teach and preach in her own right. The ministry is bless of God when the Warnkes minister separately, but is most profound and powerful when they work together.

As much as the Warnkes love their times of ministry, the really enjoy being home. Susan loves to cook (she says it’s therapy for her soul) and Mike loves to eat. After a couple of weeks of “road food” there is nothing like a home cooked meal. Both Mike an dSusan enjoy working in the yard and making their home warm and inviting. Mike is an avid reader and lover of history, especially Christian history. His hobbies are too many in number to list and several would surprise you. Susan enjoys baking bread the old fashioned way, canning, gardening, cross-stitch and other forms of needlework. All this, along with the always present books and study materials, keeps the Warnkes more than occupied.