A few snippets from a typical week for us….

Went to lunch with a pastor that we were counseling because his wife is completely done with the ministry because of the politics and backbiting within their church and denomination.  He was having a rough time choosing where his allegiance lies.

We counseled another pastor who was in absolute tears because he was so overcome with depression and anxiety.  He was ashamed and felt that his faith was lacking.

Another pastor called us because he wanted to make a move in the ministry and wanted advice as to whether we thought it was a good idea or not.

A handyman comes into our home or office to do some repair and ends up sitting talking to Mike and/or I about his walk with the Lord for two hours.

God spoke to us several years ago and instructed us to begin pouring ourselves into others and to give them the wisdom and knowledge He has given us.  A time is coming, He said, when you will need to come off of the “front lines” of the battle.  Other warriors need to be prepared to step into the gap and to take up the sword.

Many of you are aware that in 2017, Mike took over as the Bishop Ordinary of a diocese that had just lost their bishop.  For those of you who are not familiar with those terms, a bishop is a supervisor and a diocese is a group of men and women who are pastors and deacons in various churches around the nation and world.  Between the diocese and the multi-denominational group Companions of Christ that he also leads, we have about 30-35 men and women that we lead, counsel and mentor.  Each of those people represents a ministry that we are speaking into.

We are not traveling to preach much any more. Our mission field is a little closer to home these days but we are far from retired.   Our days remain full.  Oh, I forgot to mention our involvement in our local church and the pastors there that trust us and feel safe to share their hearts desires for their ministry.  We also try very hard to be an encourager to the many men and women at that church who are eager to serve our Savior in a variety of ways.  By the way, Mike preached at our local church on January 21st and God swept 23 new souls into His kingdom that morning.

God has blessed us by bringing many people into our lives.  We are humbled at His faith in us!  Thank you for helping us do those things that we have been called to do.  We are not supported by a denomination that provides us with a salary.  Much like a missionary, we need to raise our own support.  We pray that you will seriously consider financially helping us again in 2018.  Those offerings will be a big investment in the lives of many here in America and around the world.

God’s abundant grace and peace to you and yours now and throughout 2018.

Susan Warnke